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Big Ben Atomic Clock 1,2

Accurately synchronize your Windows PC with GPS Satellite Atomic Clocks
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Accurately synchronize your Windows PC with GPS Satellite Atomic Clocks.
Realistic working replica of Big Ben. With chimes and full hand movement. Plus Digital Display option (see photo)

It can set your PC time to the precise time from atomic clocks on-board NASA USA GPS satellites which orbit the Earth ! Yes, its amazing what the technology revolution has brought us today. The GPS system is a constellation of 32 polar orbiting satellites primarily intended for navigation and positioning. However, in order to provide precise positioning information, each satellite has a very precise atomic clock installed. These very precise clocks can be used by ground-based receivers to obtain accurate timing information.

By utilising a well-located GPS antenna, with built in timing receiver, this can provide a consistent supply of accurate time stamps to a host computer. The timing receiver can communicate accurate time to a host computer via a serial or USB interface. Driver software installed on the computer can then read time stamps from the receiver and very precisely adjust the operating systems time so that it coincides with the correct time. The Big Ben Atomic Clock is unique, because its the only GPS software that can display Big Ben in HD 1024x768, and has all the chimes, and toll bells, plus its got an LED display in 1024 x 768, and it can only be purchased from my websites below.

Note: International Customers. Please make sure your local Time zone is set in Windows, and your local daylight savings time option is set.

Accurately set the time on your PC/Laptop/Tablet and servers/clients, with this unique Big Ben Atomic Clock. The Houses of Commons Keeper of the Great Clock has seen my software and the department on behalf of the Keeper of the Clock has commended my idea for Precision Time Keeping.

You can use this clock without a GPS receiver. Simply set GPS option to Off.

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Steve Bullman
It does what it says. Truly awesome!

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